Real estate service charge calculator

Calculate incidental purchase costs when buying a house or apartment online here

The estate agent's commission is also a matter for agreement. For real estate buyers, it is up to 3% of the net purchase price.
The fee varies depending on the complexity and scope of the purchase agreement and is usually between 1 and 3 % of the purchase price.

Overview of additional costs for your purchase contract

Real estate transfer tax {{ formatCurrency(grunderwerbsteuer) }}
Registration fee Property right {{ formatCurrency(eigentumsrechtEintragGeb) }}
Registration fee for lien {{ formatCurrency(pfandrechtEintragGeb) }}
Broker commission {{ formatCurrency(maklerBetragNetto) }}
Sales tax broker commission* ({{ formatPercent(ustProzent) }}) {{ formatCurrency(maklerBetragUst) }}
Lawyer Purchase agreement and trusteeship {{ formatCurrency(anwaltBetragNetto) }}
Value added tax lawyer's fee* ({{ formatPercent(ustProzent) }}) {{ formatCurrency(anwaltBetragUst) }}
Other cash outlays** {{ formatCurrency(barauslagen) }}
Netto: {{ formatCurrency(summeNetto) }}
USt:* {{ formatCurrency(summeUst) }}
Gesamt: {{ formatCurrency(summeBrutto) }}
  • * When purchasing as a company, you have an input tax deduction on the sales tax.
  • ** Other cash expenses include certification costs (notary), land register entry fees, archiving fees, postage, any fees for the issue of a land transfer permit, etc. These costs vary from transaction to transaction. These costs vary depending on the transaction.